Custom White Oak Dining Table


Beer City Metal Works & Construction recently completed this custom dining table for a client out of Chicago, Illinois. The couple had been searching for years for a perfect dining table that both fit their unique style as well as their home. If you are looking to improve your home learn more here. We were fortunate enough to meet them at the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The couple saw some of the live edge slabs we had displayed in our booth at the Made In Michigan Pop Up Market. The couple had interested in working with us and was eager to have the ability to design their very own custom dining table.


Upon talking over their wants and needs we were able to coordinate a meeting at our shop to further discuss designs for their custom piece. We had a large slab of white oak that was the perfect dimension for what they had in mind for their table. From there we began to design the table legs and the structure to house the white oak slab. James Lewis, our Director of Fabrication and Design, then generated a rendering to show our clients what their table would look like. James used Sketch Up to create a model of the exact specifications needed for this piece. This 3D model (below) gave our clients a clear visual of what their piece would look like before we began physically creating it.


After seeing the rendering, the clients were very excited to move forward with the table. Our Beer City Metal Works & Construction team then started fabricating the table base/frame. We constructed the frame with tube steel. The tube steel was also used on either side of the white oak slab to add a further dimension. This added steel gave the table a larger surface area and further enhanced the ‘Industrial Chic’ styling. In effort to continue this styling, the frame was sealed with a clear coat to encapsulate the raw aesthetics of the tube steel.


The white oak slab was planed and repeatedly sanded, by hand, to a perfectly smooth finish. From there the slab received a dark walnut stain at the request of the client. After numerous coats of stain, the slab was sealed with a water based satin lacquer. This lacquer gave the table a dull shine that further accentuated the intricate detail of of the white oak grain. Once dry, we delicately placed the white oak slab atop the steel frame. From there we secured the slab to the steel. The final results were amazing.

Table Dimensions:
37″ x 80″ x 30″ Tall


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